Taste is an art

Prominent and innovative Deleye Products remains a trendsetter in creative dessert products. The launches of the Elements range in 2013 an the Diamond Collection in 2014 prove this. The former obtained the Innovation Award in Horeca Expo in Ghent (2013). The latter the Golden Tavola on the culinary fair with the same name in Kortrijk (2014).

There are no limits in combining frozen elements with other products. It doesn't need to be complex: with two or three Elements, you can already create an original dessert. Frozen Elements are limited in volume, allowing them to defrost quickly. After ordering in the restaurant, it takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes before the dessert is served. Time enough to prepare the dessert in the kitchen and to thaw. No planning or defrosting in advance required!

A fantastic result guaranteed! Perfect cost price calculation possible.

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