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New Website and E-commerce

Along the years...

Deleye Products wants to profile itself as an innovative company and that is why we regularly undergo an innovation. Just think of the Diamond Collection, the new round cakes, new Elements and also a new website!

Our website in a new look...

On our new website we inform our customers about our latest news and the events we attend such as fairs. You will find various Tips&Tricks on it, as well as our complete assortment and our themed cakes.

Efficiency for our customers...

From 6 March 2020, we will also work with a webshop for all Belgian customers. We will start with e-commerce, because sometimes our customers can't get hold of our products. All products will be available on 1 site with direct target prices. Moreover, all our products are perfectly available all over Belgium. So you can place all your orders quickly and easily.

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