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Customer creations

On this page you will see several creations that our customers have made with our products.

This page will be updated every now and then with new creations. 

Ward Catering

On the picture on the right you see the creation of Ward Catering.

Ward catering takes care of your events from Top Quality Food & Beverages to the service. This company has a range of 3 different formulas, namely Home Cooking, Events such as Baby Showers or Receptions, and top level catering for companies.

For this showpiece, Ward Catering used the vanilla ring with chocolate that he cut in half as a base, finished with the following Elements:

- Mini quenelle exotic (Ref. 1C16015)

- White chocolate bross (Ref. 2C19002)

- Chocolate sponge cake (Ref. 2C10916)

- Exotic lime Salsa (Ref. 2C17002)

- And white chocolate spears (Ref. 1D18001) from the Diamond Collection.

The vanilla ring with chocolate is no longer available, but be sure to have a look at our other vanilla rings with passion fruit (Ref. 1G17003) or raspberry (Ref. 1G17002) from the 'Individual portions' range. 

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